Have You Ever Looked At Water Consumption?


As for passenger rail from Pueblo ending at Minturn, logistics are a big driver. “Minturn seems to be the logical western terminus due to its location at the base of the Vail ski resort and because there is a railroad yard there where extra locomotives and cars can be kept, and the train could be cleaned, serviced, recrewed and restocked before the turnaround for return to Pueblo on the same day,” Osborn wrote. “Trains originating at Pueblo would likely stop at Cañon City, Salida, Buena Vista and Malta (Leadville) before reaching Minturn.” Chandler-Henry notes that could be a good low-carbon way of getting workers from the high-altitude bedroom community of Leadville to Eagle County, reducing the number of cars and trucks traveling U.S. Highway 24 over Battle Mountain Pass and through Minturn to I-70, but she said a passenger train from Dotsero to Minturn would make even more sense. Colorado Pacific, however, says that could require another trainset and more workers. While Colorado Pacific is still hoping for a voluntary deal with UP without returning to the STB, the company points out UP’s negotiations with Rio Grande Pacific have been going on for a year with no results and the price of crude oil continues to languish. If Colorado Pacific goes back to the STB seeking a federal ruling to compel a sale, it will only be for the nearly 160 miles of inactive Tennessee Pass Line track from Parkdale, 14 miles northwest of the Royal Gorge, to Sage, which is just over nine miles east of Dotsero and directly north of the Eagle County Regional Airport in Gypsum. That Dotsero-to-Sage section of UP track is still active in order to service the American Gypsum wallboard plant, but Colorado Pacific more.. would also be seeking access at either end through UP or BSNF Railway, both of which have trackage rights at either end of the Tennessee Pass Line. Colorado Pacific’s previous filing with the STB was for the entire 208-mile line. Colorado Pacific is also now trying to work with the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, a scenic tourist trail through the spectacular Arkansas River canyon, and Rock & Rail, a freight carrier that has rights to operate over Royal Gorge tracks and then all the way to Pueblo.

https://gazette.com/premium/colorado-pacific-pledges-passenger-trains-trails-to-revive-rail-traffic-on-tennessee-pass-line/article_493d93aa-29c5-11eb-a50c-17d93a9b7d04.html [Cars]

Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey, said constant development cannot be sustained. “You’re going to need to say no to new development permits,” he said. “Coastal communities are the mother’s milk for adult developers, and we’re loving the shore to death.” The Delaware River Basin provides drinking water for 15 million people in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Those in Philadelphia and across the river in New Jersey would be among the first to feel severe impacts as the river grows saltier. An intake that provides over half of Philadelphia’s water, as well as an intake for one in three New Jerseyans, are both 110 miles upstream from where the Delaware River flows into the ocean. Neither drinking water intake is equipped to remove salt from water. To stave off trouble, the Delaware River Basin Commission manages the river. It tracks where the chloride concentration is rising beyond 250 milligrams per liter — 12 times higher than the EPA recommendation for those on very low sodium diets. The commission aims to keep this “salt line’’ below River Mile 98, a position chosen as a buffer from the water intakes. “Whether it will reach the drinking water intakes in the near future, in the next five or 10 years – probably not in the absence of a severe drought,” said Kristen Bowman Kavanagh, the commission’s deputy executive director.