Cars Reflection

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Ryssdal: Well, look, what does that do to you as you’re running a career and technical education center, where almost by definition, it’s more hands-on than other kinds of education? McKinney-King: So what has happened, really, since the beginning of the school year, students and their families had a choice as to whether or not they wanted to participate in face-to-face or virtual learning, and an overwhelming number of our high school students selected virtual. What has happened is that my welding instructor or even my carpentry instructor will provide a YouTube video based upon a specific task. He may engage in a demonstration himself that the students can view. The students will ask questions, but you’re absolutely right. They can’t get their hands on it. They can’t get their hands dirty and trust and believe they’re anxiously awaiting to do that. Ryssdal: Have you seen since the pandemic started, right, so we had, we had last spring and everybody went online in a hurry. And it was of varying qualities, I’m sure. [Insurance]